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Standard Raspberry Pi Setup

There are many tools bundled with the operating system that will help you get the most out of the platform. For instance, there is a software installer that can install software packages that are optimized specifically for the DietPi.

The DietPi-Backup tool is another very useful tool that makes it easy for you to backup or restore the operating system of your DietPi machine.

One Time Setup to Get Started

  • Download DietPi from official site
  • Setup WiFi at dietpi.txt
  • Setup WiFi details at dietpi-wifi.txt
  • Un-mount USB / SD
  • Boot USB / SD at pi
  • Login as root and let it completes it's job

Install below

  • LXDE
  • OpenSSH
  • Fail2Ban
  • Deluge
  • RealVNC
  • Samba server

To Get Into Desktop


Set Auto login to desktop via dietpi config


Setup VNC

# Change password

# Update VNC session resolution and desktop session in `/boot/dietpi.txt`

systemctl restart vncserver

VNC Issue without HDMI Cable

Set the following lines, in /boot/config.txt

hdmi_force_hotplug = 1
hdmi_group = 2
framebuffer_width = 1280
framebuffer_height = 720
hdmi_mode = 4
hdmi_mode = 16 # (or any other pi resolution you want, 16 is for 1080p)
#dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d # disabled this then it works headless vnc
Group CEA has 9 modes:
mode 1: 640x480 @ 60Hz 4:3, clock:25MHz progressive
mode 2: 720x480 @ 60Hz 4:3, clock:27MHz progressive
mode 3: 720x480 @ 60Hz 16:9, clock:27MHz progressive
mode 4: 1280x720 @ 60Hz 16:9, clock:74MHz progressive
(prefer) mode 16: 1920x1080 @ 60Hz 16:9, clock:148MHz progressive
mode 17: 720x576 @ 50Hz 4:3, clock:27MHz progressive
mode 18: 720x576 @ 50Hz 16:9, clock:27MHz progressive
mode 19: 1280x720 @ 50Hz 16:9, clock:74MHz progressive
mode 31: 1920x1080 @ 50Hz 16:9, clock:148MHz progressive

Setup Samba Server Password

smbpasswd -a dietpi
restart samba services
systemctl restart nmbd smbd

Setup Samba Sharing

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
comment = DietPi Share
path = /mnt/dietpi_userdata
browseable = yes
directory mask = 0777
create mask = 0777
valid users = dietpi root
writeable = yes
public = no
max connections = 2```

To connect smb://

Deluge Issue

Reset web ui password at Remove file and should be revert to default deluge

rm ~/.config/deluge/webui06.conf


[List Of Nord Vpn Command]

nordvpn login
# proceed through browser
# copy link and go back to cli
nordvpn login --callback "link"
nordvpn whitelist add subnet**
nordvpn whitelist add port 22**
nordvpn set killswitch on
nordvpn set autoconnect on** sg