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Here is the list of available commands:

**nordvpn login** - Log in.
**nordvpn connect** or **nordvpn c** - Connect to VPN. To connect to specific servers, use **nordvpn connect <_country_code server_number>_** (eg. **nordvpn** **connect uk715**)
**nordvpn disconnect** or **nordvpn d** - Disconnect from VPN.
**nordvpn c double_vpn** - Connect to the closest Double VPN server.
**nordvpn connect --group double_vpn <country_code>** - Connect to a specific country using DoubleVPN servers.

**nordvpn connect P2P** - connect to a P2P server.
**nordvpn connect** **The_Americas** - connect to servers located in the Americas.
**nordvpn connect Dedicated_IP** - connect to a Dedicated IP server.

**nordvpn set** or **nordvpn s** - Set a configuration option.
Possible options:
**nordvpn set threatprotectionlite** **on** or **off** - Enable or disable [Threat Protection Lite](
**nordvpn set killswitch on** or **off** - Enable or disable [Kill Switch](
**nordvpn set autoconnect on** or **off** - Enable or disable auto-connect. You can set a specific server for automatic connection using **nordvpn set autoconnect on country_code+server_number**. Example: **nordvpn set autoconnect on us2435**.

**nordvpn set notify on** or **off** - Enable or disable notifications
**nordvpn set dns** **** - Set custom DNS (you can set up a single DNS or two like shown in this command).
**nordvpn set protocol udp** or **tcp** - Switch between [UDP and TCP protocols](
**nordvpn set obfuscate on** or **off** - Enable or disable [Obfuscated Servers](
**nordvpn set technology** - Set connection technology (OpenVPN or [NordLynx](

**nordvpn whitelist add port 22** - Add a rule to whitelist a specified incoming port. You can also whitelist multiple ports — just separate their numbers with a space.
**nordvpn whitelist remove port 22** - Remove the rule to whitelist a specified port.
**nordvpn whitelist add subnet** - Add a rule to whitelist a specified subnet.
**nordvpn whitelist remove subnet**  - Remove the rule to whitelist a specified subnet.

**nordvpn account** - See account information
**nordvpn register** - Register a new user account
**nordvpn rate** - Rate your last connection quality (1-5)
**nordvpn settings** - See the current settings.
**nordvpn status** - See the connection status.
**nordvpn countries** - See the country list.
**nordvpn cities**- See the city list. E.g.: **nordvpn cities united_states**
**nordvpn groups** - See a list of available server groups.
**nordvpn logout** - Log out.
**nordvpn help** or **nordvpn h** - See the list of available commands or help for a specific command.