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Setup Pycharm Ide

Install using tar archives

Download the tarball


There is a separate tarball for ARM64 processors.

  1. Unpack the pycharm-*.tar.gz file to a different folder, if your current Download folder doesn't support file execution:

    tar xzf pycharm-*.tar.gz -C <new_archive_folder>

    The recommended installation location according to the filesystem hierarchy standard (FHS) is /opt. To install PyCharm into this directory, enter the following command:

    sudo tar xzf pycharm-*.tar.gz -C /opt/ 

    To verify integrity of the downloaded archive, use the SHA checksum linked from the Download page.

  2. Switch to the bin subdirectory:

    cd <new archive folder>/pycharm-*/bin

    For example,

    cd /opt/pycharm-2022.2.4/bin
  3. Run from the bin subdirectory.