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Basic of ArgoCD

Getting started

minikube start
minikube dashboard
# To delete all and start fresh
kubectl delete deployment --all
minikube delete
minikube start

Accessing the Web UI

helm install argo-cd charts/argo-cd/

The Helm chart doesn’t install an Ingress by default, to access the Web UI we have to port-forward to the argocd-server service:

kubectl port-forward svc/argo-cd-argocd-server 8080:443

Get pass

kubectl get secret argocd-initial-admin-secret -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 -d

Reset pass

# generated with autotest

<default> is namespace

kubectl -n default patch secret argocd-secret \

-p '{"stringData": {"admin.password": "$2a$10$xxx","admin.passwordMtime": "'$(date +%FT%T%Z)'"}}'

argocd repo add [email protected]:xxx/abc-autotest.git --ssh-private-key-path ~/.ssh/id_rsa_argo

Add app

argocd app create guestbook --repo --path guestbook --dest-server https://kubernetes.default.svc --dest-namespace default

argocd app get guestbook

argocd app sync guestbook

kubectl port-forward svc/helm-guestbook 9090:80

kubectl port-forward svc/guestbook-ui 9090:80

force patch revision target

argocd app patch root --patch '[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/source/targetRevision", "value": "test/bb-pipeline"}]'

helm template apps/ | kubectl apply -f -

Delete all

kubectl delete all --all --all-namespaces