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· 2 min read

Ghost Error 500 - The currently active theme is missing.

Bump into this error when I am trying to setup custom theme for Ghost Blog. I am using Heroku to host this site. Just got to know that Heroku site do not have storage to store the custom theme uploaded via Ghost admin panel.

Did couple of search online, a lot suggested that you can clone heroku by git clone command

heroku git:clone -a myappname

But I get the error message about cloning an empty repository which I think it doesn't make any sense when the site is live at the moment

Continued my search and finally came into something useful which is using heroku slug to download source code


  1. Before that, proceed to install Heroku CLI following guide at their official site Heroku Dev Center

  2. Follow this site to get it heroku-slugs installed

  3. Login to Heroku account

    heroku login

  4. Heroku slug command to download your source code

    heroku slugs:download -a APP_NAME

  5. You will be getting the following folders:

  • app
  • slug.tar.gz

Command Line

  1. Make a new repository in GitHub and upload app folder to your repository

  2. Proceed to your heroku app dashboard, under Deploy Tab, Deployment method select GitHub and search for your newly created repository. You will end up something like below.


  1. Done!
  2. You may also setup automatic deploys for every push to master branch

· 2 min read

Here's my thoughts

Always wanted to create personal site. Started with Github pages, uses automated workflow and get stuff compiled into a static site (Jekyll). Didn't like it much about having to write stuff in editor and then later you have to perform commits and pushes. So I moved on and wanted to find something with a user interface that I could interact with. Something which is free without need to spend extra $$$.

Hugo + Netlify + Github

The next try on Hugo.

Hugo is a static website engine written in Golang. Best thing about this is on the theming system, plenty of choices and everything is free. Did some search on Google, landed on some one click deployment. Messing with it for couple of days on the HTML, CSS and JS. Personal didn't like it due to lack of content management so went for another search on alternatives.

Medium, Wordpress

Recently seeing quite a bit of content creator from Medium and Wordpress, could be possibly everyone is so free during the world pandemic, including myself. These platform don't really work well without spending some $$$. Content creator usually have their articles behind some pay-wall, good for people who wanted to monetize their content. I wish I could write as like the others, but too bad I don't.


Finally settled down with hosting Ghost with Heroku with a domain name setup with Cloudflare.

Starting to like it due to the ease of use and user-friendly interface. Best thing about it is open source, you can customise your theme, and you have full control on how your site should look like. The default theme of Ghost (Casper), looks good enough to keep your site look clean and steady.

I am back to Github pages

After the recent announcement on heroku no longer offer free dyno hours. I am moving back to github pages.