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Do you vape?

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Vaper since Year 2015. Can't remember the hype of vaping few years back. Been using various kind of mods, box-mods, squonk mods. So far, the only still surviving is my Taifun - Scarab ( Skarabäus) when I first bought in Paris. Together my favourite Pico RTA. Could be I am tired of chasing for the latest stuff out there, just like how we are chasing for gadgets and shit. Sticking with the same old mod and same old RTA.

Taifun - Scarab (Skarabäus)

The Taifun Skarabäus Pro is characterized by its relatively simple operation, which excludes the usual disadvantages of a mechanical switches such as arcing, carbon build up, and performance degradation over time. The benefit of the switch design in the Skarabäus Pro results in fast and instant power ramp up for strong hits and consistent performance over time.

Taifun - Scarab

Pico RTA

The Pico RTA by YellowKiss (The Vape) The Pico by YellowKiss (The Vape) in Korea, is an exclusive rebuildable tank atomizer that is designed for some of the most incredible flavour reproduction available from any tank on the market today, packaged in an incredibly small size!