This is more like a site for recording my learnings and practice my writing.

I am not a computer science graduate, I have taken E-Commerce major as my bachelor degree choice and have been taught with some introduction to Visual Basic, Java and C#. But all these doesn’t seems to be easy to be remember. I have totally forgotten about it and did not get much opportunities to apply these knowledge when I first landed my job as an junior executive. This of course is due to the job requirement is not match with the area of my studies. My day to day job is about punching in figures and data into the system.

After a couple months into the job, I realised everything was pretty much repetitive and I started to feel bored about it, becoming lazy and demotivated. One day when I was pretending to be busy at work, clicking around Windows and exploring Microsoft Excel, I came across with macro tools and macro recording. This caught my attention and I quickly did some macro recording on those Excel routine that I have been repeating for months. I am able to complete my first macro recording. I feel so happy and satisfied about what I had achieved during that short amount of time. Unfortunately things didn’t go smooth as expected, macro started to break down due to unstructured input. I didn’t gave up, and after that day I spent like few hours per day doing studies and research about Excel macros, recording macro dynamically and tweaking them. With the determination and continuously sharing with my fellow colleagues, I have been asked to spend my time more on this areas and started my career as ‘Macro Guy’ in the office.

Not long later, I have got an offer to try out a job opportunity to became a management reporting analyst. Things get even more excited when my day to day job were to fully focus on Excel and VBA. My daily routine was about performing Excel macro automation, report generation, dashboard creation and data manipulations. I have learned more about data structure and data type, new software such as Cognos, and Microsoft Access.

Fast forward to current day, thanks to the lightning speed of technology advancement, we have been introduced with Robotics Process Automation and here is how I started my new journey of life to become a RPA Developer.